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valid through Sept 30, 2019

Payments can be made at Chop & Chops MMA through Ca$h / Credit / Venmo

5 martial arts classes + 1 Strength & Conditioning class for $70 (21% discount).

We all enjoyed the summer, but now it’s time to get back to serious work. Buy 5 martial arts classes at a reduced price and get 1 free Strength & Conditioning class for $70 ($85 total value).
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Chop & Chops MMA

Jaime and Humberto Perea have been training in martial arts for nearly two decades and strongly believe it has shaped their lives for the better. Their goal is to allow others to experience that for themselves and to build a community of people who want to grow through martial arts. Chops & Chops MMA will offer a safe and open environment to anyone, regardless of age, gender, ability, or goals. 

We at Chop & Chops MMA believe that martial arts should be easily accessible and affordable, without contracts or long term commitments. We pride ourselves on producing an atmosphere of good, honest training with respectful training partners. It is our goal to help you discover the best version of yourself and to have fun while doing it.